How to participate in the GME

This is a simple step by step guide for those wanting to take part in Contribute’s GME (Genesis Mint Event).

If you just found out about this project and you have no clue what Contribute is, we recommend you go read this blog post.

In order to participate in the GME you will need a Metamask wallet and mUSD. Contribute is integrated with mStable, which uses mUSD as their stable coin. Learn more about mStable here.

Now let’s get down to business!

After you have installed your Metamask, bought some ETH (so you can make transactions on the Ethereum blockchain) you now need to acquire mUSD.

There are currently two ways you can get mUSD. One is directly on mStable’s website and the other is through Balancer. You can also acquire from Uniswap but the slippage is too high because there is no liquidity there.

mUSD acquisition through mStable

You can mint mUSD on the mStable platform by depositing either USDC, USDT, TUSD or DAI into their smart contracts.

Just go to
Enter the amount of USDC, USDT, TUSD or DAI you want to exchange to mUSD.

Depositing $100 USDC for $100 mUSD

Click the mint button and confirm the transaction with Metamask.

Confirmation screen.

That’s it. You now have mUSD that you can contribute.

mUSD acquisition through Balancer

Go to and select mUSD as the token you wish to buy.

Balancer mUSD

Enter the amount you want to exchange and click the Swap button.

Balancer Swap

Confirm the transaction in Metamask.

Metamask Confirmation

That’s it! You now have mUSD. Now head over to Contribute and become part of the next DeFi revolution!

To learn more make sure to follow us on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

A capital coordination tool that pushes the boundaries of DeFi.

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A capital coordination tool that pushes the boundaries of DeFi.

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