Tips and tricks to get those juicy NFTs

If you want to increase your chances of claiming one of the exclusive NTFs during the Locked Liquidity Event we recommend you follow the recommendations below. They will get you prepared for the moment the blocktime ticks 1609156800, 12/28/2020 @ 12:00pm (UTC).

Don’t depend on the UI to deposit funds

The rule number 1 if you want to have a chance in being the first one to do something on the blockchain is to not rely on the web interface of the project you are going to interact with. If there is a bunch of people trying to load a page at the same time, there is a big chance that the server could be overwhelmed with requests.

The ideal way to interact with the blockchain is directly from your node, but since 99% of users probably don’t have their own node or cannot write a script that makes a request to someone else’s node, the next best thing is Etherscan.

Make sure you have saved the address of the contract you would like to interact with and use Etherscan’s interface to interact with it at the required time.

In case of the Locked Liquidity Event (LLE), the address of the contract is 0x76d8c0853aac606dddf29d3cf1e4251279e66858 and the function you want to call is addLiquidity(), the first one on the list.

Make sure to have TRIB ready

If you are planning on depositing TRIB to the contract, make sure you have the amount you are planning on using ready in your wallet. I know this seems obvious but it is better we cover all bases here.

Approve the LLE contract to spend your TRIB beforehand

In order to participate, you will need to let the LLE spend your TRIB tokens. This is how ERC20 tokens work, so instead of having to call two transactions (approve() and addLiquidity()) you will only need to call one at the time the LLE starts.

In order to approve the amount just go to the TRIB token’s contract on Etherscan and connect to your Metamask wallet.

Under the function number 1. called approve, just enter the address of the Locked Liquidity Event contract on the first field (0x76d8c0853aac606dddf29d3cf1e4251279e66858) and the amount you want to invest in Wei (using 18 decimal places) on the second field.

Once you click “Write”, Metamask will pop up and you just need to send the transaction like you would normally when interacting with a contract.

Don’t be cheap on gas

If you want the miners to grab your transaction before anyone else’s, be ready to spend a lot of ETH in gas.

Miners will usually include more expensive transactions first in the block, so if you want to grab those NFTs you want to make sure your transaction is the one they will pick first. The best way to find out what is the appropriate gas price to pay is to checkout the prices paid in the previous blocks. To do this, go to and checkout the avg. gas price being used in the previous blocks. This will give you an idea of how much you will need to spend to get your transaction included.

Make sure you take into consideration that others will likely be wanting to do the same as you, so always bump that gas price higher than the average in order to stand a chance.

Timing is everything

Ethereum blocks are mined in irregular intervals, so it is really impossible to know when the next block is actually going to be mined. This presents a great challenge if you are trying to get a transaction through at a specific moment in time. If you want your transaction to be mined at a specific block time, you need to take into consideration the time interval in which each block is mined.

If you look here you will see that the Ethereum average block time is around 13 seconds. So you probably want to broadcast your transaction around 5 seconds, giver or take, before the actual LLE start time. This would maximize your chances of getting your transaction in the first valid block for participation.

We hope these tips will improve your chances of getting Contribute’s exclusive NFTs.

A capital coordination tool that pushes the boundaries of DeFi.

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A capital coordination tool that pushes the boundaries of DeFi.

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